Print/Packaging – Required skills and attributes for successful employment.

Educational institutions are the major sources of skilled workforce supply. Students need to gain skills that will be in higher demand in the future as compared to those of the present. If needed, educators may implement or introduce new courses and topics in the graphic communications curriculum. For example, industry representatives perceived a higher skills demand in the future for digital color printing. Similarly, industry can train its existing workforce by focusing on those skills that will be in greater need in the future as compared to those of the present.

Potentional Skills Required

  • Production management
  • Sales, estimating and costing
  • Safety and training
  • Customer service
  • Design and layout
  • Typesetting and composition
  • Page assembly and page make-up
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Process camera operations
  • Digital camera operations
  • Desktop flatbed scanner operations
  • Desktop midrange scanner operations
  • Digital high-end scanner operations
  • Color separation
  • Color correction and manipulation
  • Digital and analog proofing
  • Digital imposition
  • Paper cutting
  • Paper folding
  • Automated saddle stitch binding
  • Automated perfect/adhesive binding
  • Collating and gathering operations
  • Inkjet operations
  • Letterpress printing
  • Gravure printing
  • Flexographic printing
  • Screen printing
  • Digital black and white printing
  • Digital color printing

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