Print/Packaging – Brunel Competition

Brunel provides fresh thinking for KFC at easyFairs

Exhibiting within the Education Pavillion, six teams of students were presenting the outcomes of a project which asked them to create innovative brand design solutions for KFC, by understanding and identifying opportunities in the consumer journey. Industry visitors to the stand inspect each of the teams’ ideas before casting their vote.

Working with Brunel

As well as being a challenge conjunction with a major client, KFC, students were asked to work in multi-disciplinary teams – just like they would within the agency; so ensuring strategic thinking, sound project management and creative problem-solving were all involved.

Each team featured members from Brunel’s renowned courses in: MSc Integrated Product Design and MA courses in Design Strategy and Innovation and Design and Brand Strategy.  The students were encouraged to show insight and develop a ‘big idea’ prior to coming up with solutions.

Team one – “The sense of a home-made meal through the experience of a pack that converts into a table-setting.”

Team two – “An inspiring solution that promotes the iconic KFC bucket and better organises the meal experience.”

Team three – “A redesign of the KFC carrier bag to provide multi-function elements for the take-away meal experience.”

Team four – “Designing the lid of the KFC bucket to have a secondary use and encourage sharing.”

Team five – “An improved tray design for in-store meals, that also promotes family-style sharing.”

Team six – “A simple piece of communication that reinforces KFC’s quality values.”

Visitors to the Packaging Innovations vote for their favourite to help decide on the winning team’s idea, in conjunction with a senior team member from KFC client team.

The winner was..

Team One – creators of ‘sense of a home-made meal’. They were the winners due to a simple but effective design that reinforced taste brand values and improved upon the aesthetic and function of a current pack.

The two runners-up were:

Team Five with their ‘family style tray’ that created a sense of order in-store, and promoted the sharing aspect of the meal experience; and Team Two’s ‘less of a mess: more to adore’ portable meal solution which promotes KFC’s iconic bucket and better organises the meal experience.

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